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    • Micro 4/3 sensor
    • 4K RAW video at 30fps
    • 1.7Gbps average bitrate (2.4Gbps maximum bitrate)
    • Integrated gimbal stabilization
    • 12.8 stops of dynamic range
    • 34 minutes video recording
    • Remote control via DJI GO app
    • Wide range of accessories

    This Item is Pre-Order 

    • Micro 4/3 sensor
    • Integrated gimbal stabilization
    • 4K video at 30 fps, 16MP photos
    • 12.8 stops of dynamic range
    • 80 minute video recording
    • Remote control via DJI GO
    • Wide range of accessories
  3. OSMO

    Buy an Osmo and get two Intelligent Batteries free.

    • Fully stabilized 4K, 12MP camera optimized for ground use
    • Slow motion and audio recording
    • Tripod-free long exposures
    • Remote camera control
    • Secure grip
    • 6-hour standby time
    • 1 hour of video shooting


    Zenmuse X5 cameras require Osmo - X5 Adapter for use with Osmo that is sold separately. 
    The size of the mobile device mount is 116 x 30 x 34 mm. The Osmo can comfortably hold 5.5-inch devices.

  4. Osmo - Z-Axis

    Osmo - Z-Axis
  5. Osmo - X5 Adapter

    Osmo X5 Adapter Quick Start Guide

    Note: Connect the communication ports on the Focus Remote Controller and the Osmo - X5 Adapter using the DJI Focus - Osmo Pro/RAW Adaptor Cable. Then, you can use the DJI Focus to control the aperture and focus of Zenmuse X5 series camera.

  6. Osmo+

    • 22-77mm zoom lens, 3.5× optical and 2× digital lossless zoom.*
    • 4K video, 12 megapixel photos, silent recording.
    • Professional 3-axis stabilization.
    • Take sharper selfies with a 50cm minimum focus distance.
    • Support for motion timelapse, panorama, long exposure and more.
    • Compatible with a range of optional accessories. Shoot anytime, anywhere.

    *Digital lossless zoom only available when shooting at 1080p.

  7. Zenmuse X3 Zoom Camera Gimbal

    DJI Osmo Zoom Camera (ONLY)
  8. Osmo Mobile

    • ActiveTrack technology built into the DJI GO app allows the Osmo Mobile to automatically keep your smartphone facing you as you move.
    • The Osmo Mobile’s 3-axis gimbal system smooths out the movements you make, turning every shot into cinematic video.
    • With a few taps, the Osmo Mobile motion timelapse feature shoots video showing the passing of time.
    • The Osmo Mobile lets you share special moments in real time using YouTube Live inside the DJI GO app.
    • Shoot better photos in low light, with powerful camera stabilization and full manual camera control.
    • The Osmo Mobile’s panorama function automatically captures and blends 9 separate photos together to create one stunning photo.
    • Used with its range of accessories, the Osmo Mobile can be mounted almost anywhere, giving you even more opportunities to get that perfect shot.
    • Enjoy more than just DJI GO. Osmo Mobile is open for developers to customize.
  9. Osmo Pro/RAW - Z-Axis

    Osmo Pro/RAW - Z-Axis
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9 Item(s)